Since my Japanese is at a beginner level, there are certain lines of dialog that left me completely stumped, leaving me with no option other than to simply take my best guess. I enthusiastically welcome any corrections that people have to make.

I strongly encourage anyone who has any competence in Japanese to go through my translation and find errors. Or even if you don’t speak Japanese, maybe you have the writing skills to come up with better dialog.

If you catch an error or think of a way to improve my subtitles, let me know! If I make a change based on your help, I will gladly give you credit (unless of course you would rather not be mentioned).

And if anyone can find fonts that are a closer match to those used for the subtitles of the TV series on VHS (which is what these subtitles are based on), please let me know! The fonts I’m using are close, but aren’t quite perfect.

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