To display these subtitles as they were intended to appear (they mimic the style of the TV series), you will need the following fonts.



You will also need this 2003 Japanese DVD, which is the best DVD release of The End of Evangelion that I know of:

Region 2
16:9 Aspect Ratio (1.78:1)
720×480 Anamorphic Video
Japanese Dolby Digital Stereo, Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1
King Records
JAN: 4988003956516

The reason I chose this release as the base for these subtitles is because I decided it has the best balance between quality and accessibility. It’s more accessible than the Blu-ray release, and much higher quality than the Manga Entertainment release.

If the Japanese sites that carry it don’t ship to your country, you can get it on by using the above link (Amazon is simply the cheapest method I found), or by using the above JAN (Japanese Article Number) to quickly find the DVD on most any site that carries it.

Because the DVD is region 2, you will also need either a region-free DVD player (these are relatively common), a region 2 DVD player, or a player that can be modified to be region-free (many of which can).

Alternate Video

Alternatively, you could also try the collector’s edition, which has 5.1 DTS audio instead of 5.1 Dolby, although note that I cannot guarantee that the timing of the subtitles will match up perfectly since I haven’t tested it. But I’m assuming that the audio and video synchronization is identical to the 2003 release.

Region 2
16:9 Aspect Ratio (1.78:1)
720×480 Anamorphic
Japanese Dolby Digital Stereo, Japanese DTS 5.1
King Records
JAN: 4988003967512