In transcribing the series, I have made an incredibly meticulous effort in preserving every detail of the original VHS subtitles. That having been said, I did make corrections after transcribing. So what kind of corrections were made?

Ones that were either outright wrong, such as spelling errors for example, or ones that were inconsistent, such as “AT Field” versus “A.T. Field” (notice the periods). American English standards were used for spelling and punctuation.

If you take a look at the documented corrections included in the download, you may notice that the number of changes is alarmingly high. To those who fear that this indicates this is not the VHS translation they know and love, fear not. Less than 8% of the script underwent any type of change at all, and most of the changes that were made are incredibly minor details you wouldn’t notice unless you were a sharp-eyed editor, a grammar Nazi, or a guy like me methodically transcribing one letter at a time. I tried to be as unintrusive as possible, and stick to only correcting things that were undoubtedly mistakes. If making a correction could have compromised ADV’s creative vision as a literary work, then I left it as is.

See Corrections.ods for detailed documentation of every single correction I made (located in the Documentation folder of the download).