Shot Restoration

I’ve restored more than twenty shots to their original appearance (as they were before ADV tampered with them for the release of the Perfect Collection DVDs).

Most of these shots are from episodes 1–4, and usually contain typography that is part of the art itself, such as signs in the background, or closeups of documents. ADV replaced the original Japanese art and typography in these shots with its own art, all for the sake of changing the typography in the art from Japanese to English—and in the worst cases, even camera moves and animation were removed. I’ve replaced most of ADV’s edits by taking screenshots of the Platinum Edition and color-correcting them to approximately match the palette of the Perfect Collection. I’ve also created AVS scripts that will apply these replacement shots for you by automatically editing the video. Instructions on how to use these scripts are located in the Video Processing folder of the download.

Note that the “Chore Schedule” shot I’ve redone for episode 2 is a work in progress. I haven’t yet been successful in writing a script with smooth zooming motion, so for now, the shot is static (which is still an improvement considering ADV removed the zooming motion in the first place).